Catherine’s House is a unique and amazing approach to assisted living. Many assisted living houses and facilities are part of a corporation with building and housing in dozens of cities. This approach makes many seniors feel left behind and is not how assisted living should be approached.

Kelsie Holtje and her husband have patterned their approach after the Green House Project. This project offers a model for long term care designed to look and feel like a real home. Kelsie’s grandmother, Catherine, was in a assisted living home over 20 years ago when Kelsie saw that there was a better way to help her. She took her grandmother and some of the other residents at the assisted living facility and began what is now known as Catherine's House.

An expert approach to senior care and a dedication to those living in the house is a goal Kelsie and her husband strive for every single day. They live in house and have certifications and licenses to enable them to be a Level 3 Assisted Living Facility.

No place is ever going to be as good as your home but the one place that has a chance is one that FEELS like home.


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